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2nd RSG Luxembourg National Congress

RSG Luxembourg is proud to announce the second edition of the Students National Congress!

When: 6th October 2017, 9:00-19:00
Where: Belval, Maison du Savoir

Session 1 - Systems biology in precision medicine

Alessandra Carbone (CNRS - Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) (info)- “Learning about protein-protein interactions at a residue resolution”
Prof. Carbone is a professor of computer science at Université Pierre et Marie Curie and heads the Analytical Genomics and the Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology.

Vehpi Yildirim (TU Eindhoven) (info) - "Calcium Oscillation Frequency-Sensitive Gene Regulation and Homeostatic Compensation in Pancreatic β-Cells"
Dr. Yildrim is a researcher at Prof. Van Riel´s lab in Tu Eindhoven with expertise in large scale dynamical modeling of biological systems and the development of system identification algorithms.

Workshop 1
Fintan McGee (LIST, Luxembourg) - "Practical Data Visualization for early stage researchers"
Dr. McGee is a researcher of information visualisation, in the eScience Unit of the Environmental Research and Innovation department at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.
Sarah Peter (LCSB, Luxembourg) - High Performance Computing

Outreach Session, with Elixir Luxembourg and Digital Inclusion Luxembourg

Session 2 - Mobile solutions for healthcare

Lamiece Hassan (University of Manchester) (info) - "Citizen driven health: engaging citizens for trustworthy health data science"
Dr. Hassan is a researcher with a background in mixed methods health services research. She currently works on Connected Health Cities, a new project that unites local health data and advanced technology to improve health services for patients in Northern England. She will tell us about among other fascinating projects.

Amr Sobhy (info) - "How technology is changing healthcare?"
Amr is a 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 recipient and has several projects related to mobile app developement. He will tell us about the current state of the m-health market and its future prospects. Have a look at his TEDx Vienna talk, inspiring!

Workshop 2
Manuel Corpas (, Cambridge) (info) - "Finding and accessing human genome data"
Definitely the surprise of this congress! Manuel Corpas was the inaugural chair of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) Student Council and through his actions, he means a lot to students in bioinformatics worldwide.
Dr. Corpas is an experienced community builder and scientific communications strategist in Genomics and Computational Biology. Currently based in Cambridge, UK, he is the Scientific Lead at Repositive, a genome data sharing platform company. Before Repositive, Corpas was a 2016 fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute and Project Leader at The Genome Analysis Centre (now Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK).

General assembly RSG Luxembourg
Social event - Science pub quiz