PhD retreat 2016

On June 21st, 2016 the first ever PhD retreat took place in Abbaye Neumünster, with the theme Life after a PhD.
For the Computational Biology session, we contacted two young researchers:

  • Magali Michaut, postdoc at Netherlands Cancer institute, ISCBSC cofounder
  • Nicola Bonzanni, co-founder of ENPICOM

Workshop : Visualising large graph networks with MetExplore

The event will be held on the 16th of June from 17h-19h at Campus Belval
The instructor is ​Dr. ​Nathalie Poupin
Register: Click here
‘Building, curating, solving and visualizing metabolic networks becomes a challenge with i) large scale networks and ii) the diversity of software that often lacks interoperability.
MetExplore is a web-based tool that hosts all the modeling and simulation pipeline in one place, it allows collaborative project management, data storage and online computations.
The attendees will be walked through the different capabilities of MetExplore, with a focus on its most powerful feature: large-scale network visualisation ’​

May Pizza Club

This month we had two speakers from the EcoSystems Biology group at LCSB, Anne and Shaman.

Check out their presentations, and join the discussion next month!