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A glimpse into the 1st RSG Lux congress!

RSG Luxembourg organised its 1st congress along with the 2nd beneluxfr student symposium on the 26th of November 2016 in Maison du savoir, Campus Belval.
The congress theme was: Analyze, standardize, commercialize and was an opportunity to dive into current challenges of systems biology from different perspectives of analysis, standards and entrepreneurship.

Academic Theme: Standards in systems biology

The 1st RSG Luxembourg congress and the 2nd Beneluxfr student symposium was the opportunity to gather students and young researchers about a quite urging issue in systems modeling: reproducibility!
We invited experts in the field of modeling standards, namely Dr. Waltemath from SBI Rostock and Dr. Zhukova from Institut Pasteur Paris.
Here is the presentation of Dr. Waltemath

and the presentation of Dr. Zhukova

Professional theme: Entrepreneurship in computational biology.
Computational biology-oriented companies' leaders accepted our invitation to talk about the current challenges in developing and commercializing their products.
Dr. Andreas Kremer from ITTM Solutions, Luxembourg started off with delineating the differences between a career in academia and in the industry.
Then Paulo Vilaca, COO of SilicoLife, Portugal told us about his entrepreneurial journey and the current portfolio of the company.
Here is his presentation

The symposium was closed with great news :
The president of Jebif/RSG France announced that 3rd Beneluxfr student symposium will be organised during JOBIM 2017 conference . Awesome!