B'RAIN company presentation

On Monday March 20th, we hosted B'RAIN, a company that uses virtual reality for healthcare applications.
B'RAIN is an affiliate of TroisPrime (https://www.troisprime.com/), a global digital health marketing company.
Dr. Boudaya, the founder of B'RAIN, told us about his entrepreneurial journey and the difficulties that pave the way of every entrepreneur.
Digital health marketing is becoming necessary in modern health economy, and expert knowledge in biology is requisite in marketing strategies, which offers a great career opportunity for biology graduates.
B'RAIN products include virtual reality goggles for healthcare education, drug marketing, and serious games related to public health issue.
"I predict that virutal reality will invade the domains of diagnostics and surgery in the near future, we are already investigating opportunities in that direction", says Dr. Boudaya.
We then had drinks at the MK Bar with members of the LCSB entrepreneurship network.

These are the slides of the presentation

This event was sponsored by the programme for Systems and Molecular Biomedicine of the Doctoral School for Science and Engineering.