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Absolute Beginners GIT Workshop

On April 12th we organized our first Absolute Beginners GIT Workshop.

The lecturers for this workshop were Sylvain and Laurent, two researchers from the LCSB.
The workshop started with an introduction to the basics of version control software and how it can have a great impact in your productivity as a programmer at all stages of your development.
After this first introduction, the lecturers guided them through some bash basic commands and a hands-on tutorial on the basics of GIT. The infrastructure provided by the University allowed a very interactive workshop, with everyone managing to complete the tasks!
Attendees were PhD students, RSG members and other master students from different courses across the University. Many of them showed interest in learning more about some advanced concepts, such as branches and forks.

If you are interested in a more advanced GIT workshop do not hesitate to reach us!