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Revolution in Journal Publication?

“Give a scientist a tool and you feed science for a day. Teach a scientist to be open and you feed science for a lifetime.”

Open Science is of major importance for the science community. But how can Open Science be actively promoted and which advantage does it bring to scientists?

eLife is an open-access journal that publishes promising research in the life and biomedical sciences, founded in 2011 by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society and the Wellcome Trust, and which is led by scientists.
We invite Kora Korzec, Community Manager at eLife, to introduce us to eLife’s publishing procedures, the collaborative peer-review process and how it can improve the scientific publication process. She will elaborate the standards introduced by eLife to ensure accessibility and reproducibility. Furthermore, she will highlight the current efforts in innovation through open-source tool development to accelerate research communication and discovery.

We invite all attendees to discuss their remaining questions and impressions along with some refreshments and fingerfood.

When: Tuesday 8th May, 4 PM
Where: Campus Belval, BT2, conference room