LaTeX introduction

In this introductory workshop we covered the basic use of LaTeX.
We've also provided a template which follows the University of Luxembourg PhD thesis guidelines. Just edit the fields with your personal information and you're ready to generate your own thesis in LaTeX.
This template is available here.
We'd like to thank Shaman Narayanasamy for teaching this workshop!

-RSG Luxembourg


news for 2018!

Just in time for spring, we are back from our extended winter break - And no, we haven't been only sleeping!

1. New board
Our former President Eugen and founding members Marouen and Alberto defended their PhD thesis and are officially doctors now. Congratulations to all of them!!!
The board now consists of Susanne (new President), Federico, Gaia, Nikki, Dheeraj, Anna and Apurva.


Basic MATLAB workshop

On May 23rd we organized our first basic introduction to MATLAB.

The attendees got an overview of what MATLAB is, got familiar with the interface and the functionalities, learnt how to perform basic calculations but also how to create their own functions and to plot results.
RSG Luxembourg thanks the lecturer, Dr. Andras Hartmann from LCSB, and all the attendees.

The constant interest of RSG members and of colleagues, students and support staff in the events we organize, is inspiring us to keep up our work, so THANK YOU!


LaTeX workshop

On April 5th we organized a second edition of our very successful LaTeX introductory workshop.

RSG member Zuogong was the trainer for this session.
He introduced the basic concepts of the language, the fundamental operations to create a document and its building blocks, and then how to deal with figures, tables and citations.
The theoretical part was followed by a step-by-step practical session in which all attendees were able to create their first LaTeX document.